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Youth Development

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When Ms. Carla Steps In the Room
Looking for a business dining experience to remember?

Community Liaison and Certified Etiquette Consultant, Carla Thompson,  is always delighted to share the room with students as they learn about effective and proper business communication and dining skills. 

In addition, Carla Thompson's
Etiquette workshops heighten students' social, communication, and dining skills. After an engagement with Ms. Carla, students often have improved behavior at home and in the classroom. Carla Thompson's workshops have received an A+ rating from students across the nation.

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Deidra Knows Rhetoric™
Looking for a speaker who brilliantly motivates your
students to present their best selves through persuasive communication?

President and Cornell-certified Rhetoric Specialist, Deidra O. Franklin masterfully teaches youth how to write and speak effectively and persuasively. From teaching students how  to properly craft their personal stories to delivering keynotes, her rhetoric workshops equip students with the proper skills to make a lasting impression in person or on paper. Deidra Franklin has an A+ workshop rating from students around the nation.

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Good-Natured DifferenceMaker™ Summer Program
A five-day, engaging leadership, rhetoric, and etiquette program that educates youth with distinctive, success-proven skills to stand out among their peers.  After this virtual experience, students feel that their their leadership, rhetoric, and etiquette skills greatly improve. Additionally, students realize the importance of their personal conduct and feel more confident about their futures and achieving their visions.

Students must be nominated, submit an application, and be interviewed to gain acceptance into this prestigious summer program. Additionally, students have the wonderful opportunity to gain the designation of  "Good-Natured DifferenceMaker™" upon successful completion of the program. This designation affords students an opportunity to attend Good-Natured Life's monthly Empowerment and Celebratory Sessions to network, celebrate accomplishments, and to gain insights from industry leaders around the nation.

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