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Meet the Team

Dr. Deidra O. Franklin


Dr. Deidra O. Franklin is the President, Rhetoric Specialist, and Co-founder of Good-Natured Life, LLC.

She is an internationally certified speaker, consultant, and trainer.


Prior to Good-Natured Life, Franklin worked in the dental health field as a dental consultant and as Vice-President & Office Manager for Anthony J. Franklin, DMD, PA. for 22 years.

Franklin also has experience as a Corporate Research Analyst and as an Industrial Engineer.

She attended Spelman College in Atlanta Georgia from 1983-1987 as a Mathematics major. She earned a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Health Science (with a minor in Hospital Administration) from University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.

Franklin gained her Executive Certification in Persuasive Communication from Cornell University in 2022.  She received a Doctorate in Biblical Studies in August 2022 and is writing her first book.

She is the Immediate Past President of a nonprofit organization called Continental Societies, Inc. - Jacksonville Chapter where she has been a member for almost 33 years.

Franklin attends The Bethel Church in downtown Jacksonville.


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