What is a

Good-Natured DifferenceMaker

and how do I become one?

A Good-Natured DifferenceMaker is an individual who is intentional about achieving their dreams, while also caring about their personal conduct and the people around them.

In order to become a Good-Natured DifferenceMaker, you must first be nominated. Following your nomination, you will receive an application to complete and an interview will be arranged. If  you are selected for this prestigious five day summer program, you will be given instructions on how to secure a seat in the Summer 2021 cohort. 

Program Fee:  $500.00

After fulfilling all summer program requirements, you will then become an official Good-Natured DifferenceMaker and join a network of accomplished students from across the nation!


Great success!

education, school, teamwork, gesture and
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Nomination Form

High school and college-aged students up to age 21 years old may be nominated.

Nomination forms for the

Good-Natured DifferenceMaker

Summer Program will be available by April 14, 2021.

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Please send all inquiries to: info@goodnaturedlife.com

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