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What Students Say About Our

Good-Natured DifferenceMaker™ Program (facilitated by Mr. Austin Franklin, Ms. Deidra Franklin, and Ms. Carla Thompson)...

"This program has been useful and beneficial to my life in every single way that I can think of.  This is a program full of leadership. I am grateful and proud to say that I participated!" 

"Thank you for offering an enlightening and challenging program. I loved how you pushed us all and created a warm environment. I felt very accepted and included, and I know that is hard to do especially during a virtual class.. However, the energy level of all three instructors was amazing." 

"This program has opened my mind to many new things and perspectives."  

"I enjoyed the program and this is the only program where I recall that I was truly comfortable with being myself." 

What Students Say About 

Austin Franklin's Tour for Middle School, High School, and College Youth (facilitated by Mr. Austin Franklin) ...

"I really enjoyed the speech. The power behind your words influenced me to continue to work hard even in times of adversity."

"Austin Franklin's visit was amazing and I enjoyed it a ton! There are a bunch more people I wish could meet him because he truly does help you."

"Best experience I've had in my life."

"I feel like a champ now. My mindset and view on life is completely refreshed and renewed. Thank you for such an amazing and life-changing experience."


"Austin Franklin was great. He helped me learn how to cope with feelings that I don't understand better than any counselor could."

What Parents Say About Our

Parent Workshop (facilitated by Ms. Deidra Franklin and Ms. Carla Thompson)...

"I thought the presentation was absolutely informative and very empowering. Thank you all!"

"The speakers were passionate about our kids well-being and that pushes me to be a better role model for my child. Thank you for your examples of being a caring and loving parent."

"Thanks for the presentation and the ideas that were expressed. Life-changing"

"I enjoyed hearing the principles and reminders as a parent. Always nice to hear guidance from others. Parenting is difficult and I appreciated the uplifting messages. "

What Students Say About Our

Dining Workshop (facilitated by Ms. Carla Thompson)...

"This workshop was very informative. I definitely learned a lot more than I expected. This experience makes me want to learn dining etiquette from other countries and cultures as well."

"I had a lot of fun and this was a very educational experience."

"Ms. Carla was a great instructor. I would definitely recommend her."

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