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Customer Candle Reviews

"​I was very pleased by how quickly I received my order. It was packaged very well and there was a bonus gift included! I immediately lit my candle and knew right away that it was a good one - worthy of ordering again and to give as gifts!!! Sweet Repeats! Thank you!"

Marsha Best

Candles Worthy of Receiving and Giving

"​I love the feel of my knit hat and the candle makes my room smell SOOO good!!! I've been GOOD-NATURED! Lol"

Lady Kimberly McKissick

Soft Knit Hats and Awesome Candles

​"I love my candle! Lavender is one of my favorite scents. The candle has a nice smell and it is not overpowering. Thanks! "

Monique Coleman-Harris

Amazing Lavender Candle

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